Calls + Persistence = Cold Calling Success

If you’re a small business owner, you will eventually have to start cold calling as a way to generate more leads and acquire more customers. Unless you do something, your existing customer well may dry up before you know it.


Cold calling scares many people due to the prospect of rejection. Fair enough, but that’s the beauty of cold calling: it’s purely a number’s game. To succeed in this game, you need to understand how the math works. Continue reading


B2B Lead Generation: 3 Points to Consider

Marketing to fellow entrepreneurs (or B2B marketing) presents unique challenges to businesses. For companies that sell highly sophisticated or technical products and for firms that offer unique services, it can be difficult to meet the expectations that a business owner or manager has toward their suppliers, subcontractors, and associates. It’s also more challenging if you don’t have your own marketing pros.

Getting leads in the first place can be a taxing task already, so here are three points that you need to consider before you engage in B2B lead generation. Continue reading

Well-managed call centers rank right up there with an aggressive ad campaign

No matter how big or small your operation is, teamwork is key. Whether you’re dealing with customers, vendors or your staff, the ability to work well with others and delegate responsibilities are imperative to your businesses success. Not only that, but allowing a trusted employee or partner to take the reigns of a situation is only going to make your team stronger.

Remember, you’re only one person. Over-extending yourself by micromanaging every little aspect can lead to a quicker burnout and undermine the original purpose of your business. Getting your message out is priority #1, so looking for the most efficient way to do so, should be at the top of your list.

Call centers have been a proven asset in life-long customer retention

In the ever-evolving drive to figure out how to get your message out to the masses, one thing stays the same: Connectivity. Connecting to your client is the easier part, while keeping them is the hardest part. With all the time, talent and money that go into making first contact, it’s amazing how many companies neglect follow-through.

A study done in 2011 suggests that customers tell almost twice as many of their friends, family and acquaintances about a bad customer service experience than they would about a good one. Sometimes “bad service” is expressed by an actual negative confrontation or product defect, while other times it could be as simple as the company not being available. That’s right, not picking up the phone will get just as bad of a negative review than producing a shoddy product.

The Economics of Customer Experience

Call center agents are trained in the use of behavioral economics to mitigate negative customer experience (CX). Common practices include:


  • Refraining from using negative language (e.g. can’t, won’t)
  • Customizing responses for each customer as much as possible
  • Giving customers the choice to choose without being too “salesy”

Continue reading

Training: Top Priority for Healthcare Call Centers

With information being freely offered and highly accessible, consumers are being more educated and sometimes more confused. When it comes to the health products they purchase or the wellness-related services they pay for, the first place they go to for research would be the Internet, instead of their doctor or any healthcare professional. The information they get can be conflicting or complicated at times, enough for them to become hesitant or even discouraged with purchases. Continue reading

A Strong Call to Action: Key to Capturing Leads

How does your lead generation strategy look like? Does it start strong and maintain momentum as it reaches the call to action (CTA)? No matter what the pattern and processes are, the CTA must always be clearly stated. It must be the highlight, the main draw, and the big finale. It should be an effective lure to capture your leads.

What a Call to Action Contains

Typically, a CTA asks for customer information in exchange for something the customer would be interested in. You might ask for their contact details, so they can subscribe to your newsletter or so you can reach them. Oftentimes, you use various images or texts that mainly say, “Sign up now!” or “Contact us!” In a lead generation call center, your agents may probe the prospect for his/her preferences and lifestyle and eventually promote your product or service. The question is: are these tools effective? Continue reading