The Economics of Customer Experience

Call center agents are trained in the use of behavioral economics to mitigate negative customer experience (CX). Common practices include:


  • Refraining from using negative language (e.g. can’t, won’t)
  • Customizing responses for each customer as much as possible
  • Giving customers the choice to choose without being too “salesy”


CX means a lot to every business, and every call center takes this to heart. Statistics show that a botched CX can cost businesses up to $41 billion a year, with nearly 60 percent of recipients taking to social media to narrate their negative experiences. Common reasons for poor CX include rude or unhelpful staff, the staff’s lack of knowledge, and being made to wait for too long.


On a brighter note, positive CX makes nearly 70 percent of recipients recommend the company to others, with half of them coming back as repeat customers. In recent years, CX has even topped the list of keys to success, surpassing product quality and value. CX, however, can never be a substitute for either aspect.


You may not be the kind of person to turn people down, but call centers train their agents to manage customers’ expectations and say no as the situation demands. Let trained and educated agents do the talking to prevent any fallouts.


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