Make a Call Center Service Work for You

Enlisting a call center service to handle your company’s customer service or lead generation campaign is an ideal business solution. Unfortunately, when things don’t work out, businesses are all too quick to blame the call center. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and for this option to work, you also need to do things from your end. Here are tips to keep in mind: Continue reading


Dedicated Plus: Growing Your Sales Team, the Smart Way

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Depending on your business, the key ingredient to making the sale will be different. Maybe you need to be the first one out of the gate to attract the customer; perhaps you need to offer the most extensive package options to meet the needs of every prospective client; or maybe your sales pitch just needs to have that personalized touch.

The latter can be difficult to achieve with a small workforce when attempting to reach a larger audience. There simply aren’t enough manpower hours in the day to form a personal connection with each and every client.

So, what’s a business to do with a small sales team that has big dreams?

TeleDirect offers a program that may be just right for you. With our Dedicated Plus program, we pair you with Account Managers and sales agents whose sole job is to be YOUR account representative. Your business will be their only project, which allows them to devote their entire 40-hour workweek to helping your company succeed.

By combining this service with our 24/7 call center, your sales team will be stronger than ever. Not only will this result in an increased return on investment, but your overall efficiency will increase and customer satisfaction levels will skyrocket.

Most customers and clients just want to know that they’re being heard and that their company cares about them. With TeleDirect’s help, customers won’t slip through the cracks or get lost in the crowd.

If you want to increase your ROI, efficiency, and customer satisfaction levels with the help of Dedicated Plus, head to and drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Up Your Cold Leads with TeleDirect’s 2nd Life Lead Program

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As a salesperson, nothing feels worse than a dead lead and a lost sale. Your sales team puts hours of time and dedication into one prospective client, only to have the lead run cold.

What would you do to revive the prospect and turn it into a successful business deal?

With TeleDirect’s 2nd Life Lead program, all hope is not lost. We specialize in converting your lost and forgotten leads into new and exciting business opportunities.

How do we do it? By partnering with TeleDirect, you’ll effectively double the size of your sales team, allowing you to reach a wider audience and achieve more touch-points with each individual client. You could hire an entire additional sales team in-house, but that takes weeks of recruiting and training that you just don’t have time for. But by outsourcing to TeleDirect, you can increase your workforce efficiently and with greater ROI potential while focusing on what you do best: running your business.

It’s all about adding to your team to meet the needs of your growing clientele base. TeleDirect offers already assembled teams of salespeople and Account Managers who will prime and prep your prospective leads to get them ready to transfer to your closers. You’re still making the sale, and you’re still forging the relationship; TeleDirect just helps you get there.

The 2nd Life Leads program is available to all of our clients with fully-customizable options. Whether you have 1 salesperson, 10, 100, or none, adding TeleDirect’s services can help bring your business to the next level.

Don’t let it end with cold leads. Warm them up and bring them aboard as clients with the 2nd Life Leads program. Learn more and give us a shout by visiting today!

Lead Generation Services Provider on Converting Leads to Customers

Here’s a fact that all businesspeople know: Even the most loyal customers were once mere prospects. As such, finding your next VIP client is vital to ensuring continuous sales.

Of course, prospecting for leads is hard enough as it is, but what comes next is an even bigger challenge—turning a prospect into a customer. TeleDirect, which provides lead generation services to enterprises, gives a few useful tips to help you succeed in this endeavor.

Call Center Outsourcing Could Solve Issues on Poor Customer Service

According to statistics, it costs seven times as much to land a new customer as it does to retain an existing one, so it really pays to keep your client base happy. What exactly causes bad customer services? TeleDirect, a leading call center outsourcing firm, says the following are the top culprits.

In many cases, companies prioritize improving their product features and relegate customer service to the backburner. As a market matures, though, competing products start to share same features, and customer service becomes a more prominent factor in determining which company a client does business with.

Telemarketing to Past or Existing Clients

Telemarketing calls may not always be welcome when the prospect doesn’t know your company. Since the person you’re calling doesn’t know who you are or how you got their contact information, he/she might be skeptical from the start. More so when you’re a new business or a startup competing against big names in your industry.

The story is much different when your outbound call center is dedicated to reaching past or existing clients. If the customer previously had a satisfying experience with you, he/she wouldn’t mind hearing from you again. The warm lead is also more likely to be open to buying your other products or hiring you again for additional or different services. Exclusive promotions to reward loyalty would help, so prospects would feel valued. Continue reading

How Important Is It to Generate Strong Leads?

If you are new to sales and marketing, you might be unfamiliar with the terms cold calling and warm calling. Cold calling is when you call people for the first time to deliver your pitch, hoping they would buy your product or get your service. Warm calling, meanwhile, is when you call people and directly ask if they would be interested in your product or service; it’s not up to you to deliver the pitch or close the sale.

Both techniques are important to any business that hopes to win over new customers. However, while cold calling works for some, you’ll find that warm calling has more advantage in a lot of ways because it allows you to qualify leads, build strong leads, and do away with the weak ones. Continue reading