Calls + Persistence = Cold Calling Success

If you’re a small business owner, you will eventually have to start cold calling as a way to generate more leads and acquire more customers. Unless you do something, your existing customer well may dry up before you know it.


Cold calling scares many people due to the prospect of rejection. Fair enough, but that’s the beauty of cold calling: it’s purely a number’s game. To succeed in this game, you need to understand how the math works.


Say, for instance, that you are able to convert a lead once out of every 15 tries. That may not sound like much, but tweak the numbers a little more. Supposing you are able to contact 60 people within a 24-hour period, that means you stand to acquire about 4 customers per day. Over a week, you’ll be bringing in 20 new customers for your business. In turn, you can ask your new customers for more leads (e.g. family and friends) until the results effectively double!


Simply put, the more people you call, the more products or services you could sell. Now, imagine if there were a dozen or so of you calling 60 people a day. If the thought seems tempting enough, you may want to consult an outbound call center. With an entire team of experienced telemarketers to do all the cold calling, you are sure to ramp up your customer acquisition rates and increase your sales exponentially.


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