Telemarketing to Past or Existing Clients

Telemarketing calls may not always be welcome when the prospect doesn’t know your company. Since the person you’re calling doesn’t know who you are or how you got their contact information, he/she might be skeptical from the start. More so when you’re a new business or a startup competing against big names in your industry.

The story is much different when your outbound call center is dedicated to reaching past or existing clients. If the customer previously had a satisfying experience with you, he/she wouldn’t mind hearing from you again. The warm lead is also more likely to be open to buying your other products or hiring you again for additional or different services. Exclusive promotions to reward loyalty would help, so prospects would feel valued.

However, this advantage shouldn’t breed complacency on your end. Any telemarketing call should be done by putting your brand’s best foot forward. Even if the prospect has been a consistently loyal customer, he/she should still be treated like a promising lead, with slight modifications to your pitch.

For one, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) go through the usual cold calling scripts. You can dive ahead into the purpose of your call and show your client what you have to offer. Despite this, your telemarketers should still have a general guide on how they should conduct the calls, so they can answer any questions that may arise, or respond to feedback appropriately.


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