How Important Is It to Generate Strong Leads?

If you are new to sales and marketing, you might be unfamiliar with the terms cold calling and warm calling. Cold calling is when you call people for the first time to deliver your pitch, hoping they would buy your product or get your service. Warm calling, meanwhile, is when you call people and directly ask if they would be interested in your product or service; it’s not up to you to deliver the pitch or close the sale.

Both techniques are important to any business that hopes to win over new customers. However, while cold calling works for some, you’ll find that warm calling has more advantage in a lot of ways because it allows you to qualify leads, build strong leads, and do away with the weak ones.

Building a list of strong leads is the key to landing customers. You have a greater chance of converting a lead into a customer if he or she has already previously expressed interest in a product or service, than if the person is hearing about the product or service for the first time.

This is why effective lead generation is critical to the success of a sales or marketing campaign. With strong leads, all you need to do is put your best people on the sales team to work their magic, and you will definitely capture your market.


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