Three Lead Generation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Think you’re ready to find prospective customers or leads? Be careful because lead generation is very easy to screw up.

One mistake you must avoid is focusing only on “hot leads” or people who you think are very likely to do business with you. While it’s certainly important that you give hot leads greater concern, your other leads may turn out to be a good catch in the future. Rather than ignore them altogether, follow up on these other leads until they’ve given a definite answer.

Another lead generation mistake you must be wary of is relying only on one lead generation tactic. Surveys and sales calls are used by a lead generation call center, but other methods like email, special promos, and loyalty programs must also be employed. Even small talk with potential customers can help you “find” leads, which is why you must instruct your employees to be courteous and friendly at all times.

One more mistake you must watch out for is poor planning. When it comes to lead generation, you should never look for immediate results because most people need a lot of convincing to have them do business with you. Instead, stretch out your efforts over a span of months so that you’ll have enough time to monitor and improve your lead generation capabilities.


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