Three Productivity Hacks for Your Salesforce

Business competition these days seems to be getting more fierce. Now more than ever, sales professionals need to be on their toes and at the top of their game. This goal has led to an all-encompassing obsession with enhancing productivity and achieving peak performance levels. These productivity hacks can keep your sales force, whether in-house or outsourced, highly efficient.

Promote good time management skills

Coaching your outbound sales team to manage their time better can be key to better productivity. See that they plan and prioritize their day, and that they know how to avoid distractions. Remember: When your reps become more productive, your company becomes more productive as well.

Create a resource library

Having a resource library available saves time, as you won’t need to explain the same concepts to your reps over and over again. A resource library should typically include folders of the following: best practices, sales processes, customer service scripts, and new employee resources.

Have them take their breaks

Studies show that taking a break from a mental task increases both productivity and creativity. Encourage your sales reps to take a nap, go to a nearby coffee shop, or read a book during break time. These things should allow them to recharge and stay sharp throughout the day.


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