Advanced Lead Generation Services: Simple Tips for Successful Cold Calls

As a small business, your main objective is to increase the awareness of your brand. This is simple enough when you’re starting out; you can ask family for help, rope in some friends and their other friends. What happens, however, when that network dries up? When (not if) that happens, you’ll have to pick up the phone and start making cold calls.


8 tips for a successful sales call

Cold calling can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re afraid of rejection. Of course, there are some ways you can tip the scales in your favor. Here are some suggestions you should try the next time you have to make a cold call, courtesy of experienced lead generation services:

Your Mindset

Cold calls aren’t about closing a sale. They’re about keeping your brand in the back of a person’s mind so that they think of you the next time they need a service or product that you offer. When you start thinking this way, you can chalk up your calls as victories instead of failures, increasing your confidence as you go along.

Your Introduction

Try to let your cold calls know in advance that you intend to call them. This could easily be done by sending an email or a brochure. Once you’ve called a potential client, follow the advice of Tom Hopkins of Entrepreneur Magazine:

“Always thank the potential client for allowing you a few moments in his busy day. Tell him that you won’t waste a second of his time. “I want to thank you for taking my call. This will only involve a moment of your time so you can get back to your busy schedule.” Don’t say that you’ll “just take a moment.” The feeling evoked by them hearing that you’ll take anything from them will put them off.”

Your Dedication

Cold calls will always be a numbers game. If you know you get two positive responses for every 10 calls, you should make it a point to make 10 calls every day each work week. This way, you can get 10 positive responses. However, you shouldn’t give up on the other 40 people. Try again after a few weeks. Who knows, maybe the next time you call them, they’re looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Unfortunately, you may not have the time (or the patience) to regularly call people day in and day out. In such cases, you may want to work with a trusted lead generation call center like TeleDirect. Doing so allows your business to benefit from hundreds of cold calls every day, and frees you up to do what you do best: running your business.


(Source: 8 Tips for a Successful Sales Call; Entrepreneur Magazine)


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