Call Center Services: How Customer Experience Affects Business Revenue

Should businesses employ contact centers? What would be the value of enhancing customer experience to business revenue? Will the possible return of investment outweigh the implied costs of such services?


call center whats the point

These are some of the issues discussed in Call Center IQ’s Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology, released during the recent 15th Annual Call Center Week. An excerpt of the report was posted on Call Center IQ’s site by Brian Cantor, a customer experience and marketing analyst. He discusses the value of call centers to businesses:

“Customer satisfaction trumps cost minimization and revenue generation as the most important call center objective. 44% of businesses define driving customer satisfaction as their call center’s primary focus; only 27% most notably focus on reducing the cost of customer engagements.”

The customer-centric priorities imply that enterprises are willing to invest more on call center services. Cantor further notes that “contemporary businesses see their call centers as gateways to improved customer relationships and greater revenue. They do not view them as sources of unwanted cost within which less is always more.”

“And by rating customer satisfaction as the most paramount call center objective, businesses are declaring that while cost is always relevant and significant, it cannot be the source of final judgment on a customer service strategy.

A call center investment is not inherently bad if it is costly.  It is, however, fundamentally inferior if it does not favorably contribute to customer satisfaction levels.”

Ensuring customer satisfaction can translate to increasing sales opportunities for businesses. Customer retention or repeat sales are more likely to happen when customers have a positive experience in their interaction with your representatives. The number of beneficial reviews and referrals may also grow, which could effectively improve awareness for your brand.

When a customer calls to give negative feedback, even that potential crisis could be a source of additional income. Contact center agents with sufficient training use prompt resolutions and marketing strategies to turn your “upsets” into “upsells.” The professionals do this by personally communicating with the customer, showing that your business values them, and offering reasonable solutions to their complaints.

Like any other investment, it would be advisable to sign up for services from experienced companies. Established call centers like TeleDirect have ample backgrounds and staff to proficiently handle the customer service infrastructure of your business. Equipped with experience, skills, and technology, the contact center takes proper care of your customers and aids in increasing your revenue.


(Source: Call Center: What’s the Point?, Call Center IQ, May 29, 2014)


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