Telemarketing Service: Helping Businesses Have a Feel of their Market

Attaining full customer satisfaction should, ideally, be the ultimate goal of every business. Not only will it guarantee more profits, but it will also serve as a free advertisement; satisfied customers are likely to spread the word about a reliable product or service provider. Louise Robinson, sales director of a business consulting firm, concurs, especially since she knows that the opposite side of customer satisfaction can also have a tremendous (albeit negative) effect on businesses:

“According to statistics, a satisfied consumer will share a good customer service experience with two to three people, while an unhappy customer will tell between eight and ten people, sometimes as many as twenty. 

And those numbers can escalate even more and spread even faster if unhappy consumers decide to air their grievances with your company on social media.”

The thing is, it can be hard for businesses to gauge the level of customer satisfaction, especially in transactions done online as these allow for little to no face-to-face contact. Companies may place a comment box on their websites so their customers can voice out their gratitude or misgivings, but this isn’t always a reliable source of customer feedback. This is where a renowned telemarketing call center like TeleDirect can come in. While call centers typically manage and respond to customer inquiries, they also provide “outgoing” services, such as surveys, which could help companies get a better feel of their customers.

why customer satisfaction surveys are important

Surveys aren’t just a medium for customers to share their thoughts and opinions. They are also a way for businesses to gain better understanding of the market they cater to, especially in relation to demographics like age, gender, and income. Companies can also use surveys to identify their shortcomings like “unfair prices”; finance experts believe unfair pricing could lose customer loyalty.

A reliable telemarketing service can use surveys as a way to conduct telesales, or to mention advertisements and promotions over the phone. With the information gathered in customer surveys, telemarketers can have a clearer picture of their client’s target market. They can then build a list of potential leads, whom they can call to see if these people are interested in their client’s products or services. Some people on the receiving end of a telesales call perceive this practice as annoying, but only because they are the wrong people to contact. Telemarketers should focus on the ones who are likely to be interested in the products, based on the survey results.

With the help of telesales and surveys, businesses can be a few steps closer to attaining customer satisfaction. All they need to do is to find a reliable call center to work with.


(Source: Why customer satisfaction surveys are important, Bizcommunity, May 02, 2014)


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