Rely on Lead Generation Services to Help Increase Your Bottom Line

Lead generation, or the act of soliciting personal information to find potential customers, is arguably one of the most difficult tasks that businesses need to perform. It’s not so much the painstaking processes involved that make it difficult, but rather the notion of most businesses that lead generation should produce instant results. Successful lead generation requires plenty of work, as U.K. digital marketing expert Mark Ash explains, in a Fourth Source article:   

“A successful campaign is built around segmentation, personalisation, mining of customer data profiles and a sound understanding of people’s buying behaviour. You have to respond quickly and be relevant. If you don’t address people in a targeted and personalised manner which best serves their needs, you’ll fail to achieve the best level of return available to you.”

In other words, Ash believes that businesses need to build positive relationships with their customers first before they can even implement a successful lead generation system. Many companies tend to forget this and simply gather as many leads as possible, not understanding that leads from less-invested customers are worthless, no matter how many they are. One way to build a positive relationship is for companies to respond quickly to customer inquiries, which could already be considered as leads themselves. Aside from providing reliable lead generation services, TeleDirect and other call centers also provide reliable answering services to respond to inquiries in a speedy and efficient manner, ultimately helping companies increase their bottom line.

10 pitfalls to avoid

It’s not just speedy replies that can generate leads, though. That line in Ash’s statement which pertains to personalization is another factor that businesses should take into account. Consumers, in general, prefer to be given special treatment, which means they tend to gravitate towards companies that provide personalized services and assistance. As such, companies should support their customers in every little way possible such as producing industry-specific articles in their websites or sending personalized thank-you e-mails to customers for the latter’s continued patronage. Doing so attracts like-minded individuals and generates more buzz about the industry. As more people pour in, the quality of information about them improves, which is something that an experienced call center can use to create more industry-specific potential leads, which is, hopefully, of better quality as well.

All these goes to show how thorough the task of lead generation can be. Rather than take it upon themselves, companies are better off hiring lead-generation experts from a call center for the leads that they need.


(Source: Lead Generation when it goes wrong – 10 pitfalls to avoid, Fourth Source, April 24, 2014)


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