Nurturing Leads at a Trade Show

Participating in a trade show is easily one of the most expensive marketing activities a company can mount. Considering the cost of travel, booth design and construction—not to mention the need to pull top salespeople out of the field and put them in charge at the trade show—you need to ensure your presentation yields a big return on investment to make your efforts worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the salespeople you assign at the trade show can end up too busy preparing presentations and answering sales calls, which means they won’t be able to send invitations and make phone calls ahead of the event. Luckily, telesales agents can take care of that task for you. Through timely follow-up calls, telesales agents ensure that key people have ample time to give your invitation their full consideration.

Meanwhile, take note that one of the weakest points in trade show lead generation happens after the event. Oftentimes, it takes days, weeks, and even months before your salespeople can get around to following up on their leads. When that much time passes, a hot lead can easily turn cold, or worse, go to your competition. Telesales specialists can respond to leads promptly and convert them into actual customers in the shortest possible time.


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