Call Center Service: Proper Phone Etiquette in Customer Communication

If there is a reason why your business should hire a reliable call center service like TeleDirect, it’s that the service is more adept at communication than you are. According to an article on Business News Daily, simply learning how to answer phone calls isn’t enough; you should also know how to be consistent, informative, and, most importantly, polite. How you answer calls will also influence the number of customers you gain or lose. Therefore, you might as well let the pros handle it.

customer service 101

Besides, if you insist on creating a customer service team of your own, you’ll have to train them in proper phone etiquette. Learning this skill isn’t as simple as it sounds, as maintaining a polite and civil conversation while being shouted at by an angry customer takes much skill and patience on the part of the call center agent. Aside from that, little mistakes like chewing gum while talking or not speaking directly into the mouthpiece can ruin a telephone conversation, and your customer retention in the long run. Finally, transferring a call or putting a line on hold needs to be done with the utmost courtesy, because callers typically hate it when their phone calls get interrupted.

Phone etiquette is especially important if your business needs to do several outgoing calls, particularly telemarketing. Telemarketing is an outgoing-call service offered by major call centers, which allows you to generate sales, to test the waters for potential customers, or to reach out to your current customers and ask for their insights and opinions. When it comes to telemarketing, your own customer service team may not realize the importance of adopting a proper speaking tone and volume. Opening a conversation with a jovial, loud voice isn’t always well-received by most people so it is important for your representatives to start their calls as professionally as possible.

Meanwhile, voicemails need to be short and few in number because people would rather expect messages from their colleagues and loved ones instead of from you. The same can be said of sending SMS messages, since too much of them can be perceived as spam mail. It’s also a bad idea to forgo these two things altogether, since voicemails and SMS are the only ways you can keep in touch with customers without having to call them.

With the rules of proper phone etiquette in mind, you’d realize that hiring a call center service is a much better idea than you thought. Rather than train your crew rigorously in following the rules, why not work with an established call center like TeleDirect and let their agents boost your business’ communication service.


(Source: Customer Service 101: Phone Etiquette for Small Businesses, Business News Daily, May 20, 2014)


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