Lead Generation with a Call Center

Are you losing your leads or failing to convert them into actual customers? You may have the best sales people on your team, but without proper lead qualification and nurturing, the productivity of your sales staff might all be wasted.

Consider partnering with a call center instead. Lead generation with a call center allows you to maximize sales opportunities with efficient processes based on telemarketing best practices.

Use of Script-based Tools

By using a specific, organized list of questions and conversation scripts, call center representatives are able to qualify your leads systematically and gauge their interests. Although spontaneous and organic conversation helps put customers at ease, take note that loose, unorganized, or informal language also creates a substantial risk, i.e. the failure to secure all the vital information you need. Additionally, while some criteria may disqualify leads at the time of the call, these items may prove useful for future prospecting efforts and even for paid referrals (i.e. selling leads).

Value for both Hot and Cold Leads

As a result of focusing on hot leads or prospects with immediate needs, many companies give up entirely on cold or dead leads. These cold leads may need follow-up or become qualified at a later time, so simply ignoring translates to lost sales opportunities. The better way to handle cold leads is to keep their records for a lead nurturing program. A call center can keep in touch with these leads until they are ready to be transferred to your closers.


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