Inbound and Outbound: Two Types of Call Centers

Most people picture call centers as dynamic hubs where representatives receive phone call after phone call and resolve customers’ queries or concerns in a timely manner. Although this is an apt description of the job, it only covers the “inbound” duties of a call center representative who may also have “outbound” duties. One may need, for example, to reach out to potential leads and pitch products or services with a view to boosting the client’s revenues.

While so-called “hybrid” call centers offer both inbound and outbound services, some call centers focus on either one or the other. Aside from fielding customer queries and/or complaints, an inbound call center may also schedule appointments, provide technical assistance, and manage customer accounts. Its duties may expand even further depending on the client’s needs. For instance, an inbound call center working for a bank can provide customers access to their billing information.

Meanwhile, an outbound call center can function as more than a sales and marketing platform. It can also administer surveys and questionnaires as part of the client’s products or services. Additionally, an outbound call center can serve as a debt collector on behalf of banks, thereby helping raise revenues for these financial institutions.


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