Why an Outsourced Telemarketing Call Center is More Cost-Effective

Different companies may offer different goods and services, but all of them covet the same thing—clients. Without them, after all, no firm can survive in this cutthroat business landscape.

telemarketing still efective for lead generation

That’s why all businesses engage in lead generation efforts to convert undecided prospects into willing customers. While many have latched onto new-fangled techniques like social media marketing, entrepreneurs should not discount tried-and-tested methods like telemarketing. As this article by Louise Robinson on BizCommunity.com reports:

“…A recently released report by marketing data outfit Custora finds that tried and tested solutions should not be blasted so fast, especially not when it comes to selling and marketing your products or services…

While most people mistakenly believe that using telemarketers is limited to cold calling, telemarketing can used in a number of other ways to turn opportunities into sales.

Appointment setting is one. Generating new business always has, and always will, rely on getting in front of the right decision maker. Follow-up calls are an equally effective way to make the most of other marketing initiatives.

A time-tested use of telemarketing is market research, which is a highly cost-effective method of conducting large-scale market research and can cover vast geographical locations from a single base. Similarly, the telephone is a vital tool in keeping databases up to date.”

Of course, business owners who have an in-house telemarketing team are also aware of the costs that come with it and the fact that sales targets may not always be met. That’s why an outsourced telemarketing call center may be a better solution.

An outsourced telemarketing team offers entrepreneurs many benefits. For starters, they no longer have to worry about staffing, which is an important consideration given that telemarketing has the highest employee turnover rate of any industry. When you delegate your outbound calls to a company like TeleDirect, you no longer have to spend money on advertising job openings and training personnel—they’ll take care of all staffing concerns so there will always be people on the job.

Furthermore, an outsourcing firm hires only the best telemarketers, and uses customized scripts and training materials to help upsell customers. Hence, companies can instantly gain access to an expert team of telemarketers with years of experience at their disposal.

Most importantly, an outbound call centers provides tremendous savings to any business. This is because entrepreneurs no longer have to invest money on procuring, maintaining and updating telephone equipment.

With the time and money savings that outsourced telemarketing offers to companies, entrepreneurs can focus their efforts and resources on core business activities instead.

(Source: Telemarketing: still effective for lead generation, BizCommunity.com, October 17, 2013)


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