Use Lead Generation Services to Achieve Your Lead Conversion Goals

Lead generation is definitely not a new marketing method. In fact, it’s been around for years. Virtually all industries have used it, and it has been employed successfully in direct marketing channels such as direct advertising, direct mail, and even on product launches. With more and more companies investing in lead generation, outspending your competition isn’t the ideal solution. The key is to learn to be resourceful with your investments so you can maximize your returns.

why your law firm is failing at lead conversion and how to improve it

In an article posted on Attorney at Law Magazine, best-selling author Stephen Fairley discusses why some law firms are failing with their lead conversion efforts. Although he is mainly referring to lawyers and their practices, some of the points he discusses are universal and applies virtually to any business in any industry.

“Logically speaking, why would someone continue to spend money and increasing amounts of money on lead generation if they aren’t doing everything they can to actually convert those leads into paying or retained clients? Lead generation too often comes down to a firm’s financial ability to “throw money at the problem,” but a lead conversion system can level the playing field and give small firms a true unique competitive advantage.

The problem is most lawyers believe they and their teams are great when it comes to lead conversion, and most of them are wrong! I understand no attorney wants to admit he or she doesn’t know how to close a deal, but that is not what lead conversion is all about. Lead conversion begins the moment someone initiates contact with you, not after you get them into your office.”

Fairley proceeds to offer tips for improving lead conversion, like having a dedicated person answer the phone, getting the caller’s name and contact number at the beginning of the call, showing compassion and empathy, stating the name of your law firm clearly, and more. You should know that these functions can be done for you by a reliable lead generation call center like TeleDirect.

Working with trusted lead generation services can positively affect your lead-generation efforts, and ultimately your sales revenue. With their help, you can be completely confident that your company will be represented in a professional manner so you can achieve your lead generation goals.

(Source: Why Your Law Firm Is Failing At Lead Conversion & How To Improve It, Attorney at Law Magazine)


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