Insurance Industry Survey Proves the Value of a Reliable Call Center

Communication is a vital part of any business transaction, particularly in the insurance industry. A LifeHealthPro article published April 24, 2014 reports that most insurance claims professionals believe good communication is the main thing they need to attract and maintain a solid roster of clients. This was the conclusion of a 2013 survey conducted by Trillium Software, which also included these other highlights:

“The report adds that 66 percent of respondents identify a lack of communication about the claims process as a chief obstacle to better serving the needs of customers. Fewer than half of the respondents cite other factors, including disagreement on claims decisions (50 percent) and lack of a returned phone call (over 40 percent).

More than 50 percent of survey respondents believe they can reduce costs by improving staff performance with training. The survey also identifies “improving customer service” as a cost-saving measure.”

While a lot of insurance professionals possess exceptional communication skills, some firms lack the necessary manpower and IT infrastructure to address every customer query or concern on a timely and satisfactory basis. To manage operating costs and improve the quality of customer service, a lot of these firms opt to work with an established call center service provider like TeleDirect. main obestacle to better customer service

Aside from the inability to answer phone calls on time, the failure to ask for customer feedback is another pitfall insurance companies should watch out for. The consequences are two-fold. For instance, lack of feedback denies the company important information about customer complaints and suggestions that often prove useful when it comes to product and service enhancements. At the same time, not asking for feedback gives people the impression that the company simply does not care what clients truly want.

Reliable call centers can address this pitfall through results-oriented outbound call services like telephone surveys. These services are also handy in relation to customer networking and hunting for new leads—two functions that many small businesses tend to neglect. In today’s customer-driven environment, no insurance firm can afford to overlook the skills and added value a call center like TeleDirect can bring to the table.

(Source: Main obstacle to better customer service: Lack of communication, LifeHealthPro, April 24, 2014)


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