Different Needs Mean Different Call Centers

Most people probably think that a call center works with a business to receive calls from people on their behalf. While this is a succinct description of the job, a call center is actually a lot more complicated than that. This description only pertains to an inbound call center.

It’s polar opposite, the outbound call center, makes the calls rather than takes them. The call centers job is to seek additional customers and to reinforce the relationship that its client’s company has with their existing customers. Outbound call centers are thus more involved in telemarketing than customer service, although sometimes these two functions go together.

While many call centers offer both inbound and outbound services, specialized centers are obviously better at one job or the other. For example, inbound call centers can provide real-time technical support and step-by-step guides to people who need them, while outbound call centers can follow-up with customer interviews and administer surveys to help businesses get a better feel of their customer base.

These specialized centers may also be designed specifically to provide assistance to certain industries. For example, an inbound call center for travel agencies can receive calls from international clients, conversing with them using their respective language.   


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