A Local Call Center Can Provide Better and Relevant Customer Service

A lot of companies know and understand the definite advantage of outsourcing customer service to a reliable call center. Call centers allow businesses to allot time, finances, and human resources on more pressing matters while customer service representatives handle basic FAQs that come with their products and/or services.

outsourcing customer service may be penny wise and pund foolish

There are many call centers worldwide who can offer quality customer service to companies that need to use the dollars and manpower on more important matters. However, there are some aspects that can affect a call center’s effectiveness. Geri Stengel of Forbes published an article that talks about those factors:

“Training customer service reps isn’t just a matter of classroom instruction. It requires on-the-job, informal training that happens in hallways and break rooms as well as during conversations with customers. How did you handle that situation? Is there a way to avoid this specific problem? Does this problem come up often? Have you had complaints about that new function that was just added to the service? And most importantly, do we have a product or service that does what this person wants?

Customer service should not be scripted interactions, run through as fast as possible, to get customers through anticipated problems. Nor is customer service training just a matter of teaching service reps to deal with anxious customers and tough questions. It’s training them to listen. Customer service is about developing products and marketing what customers want and need.”

The article was gearing towards off-script interactions between customer service agents and customers that approach a help line provided by the company. One way of achieving such would be connecting with a high-quality call center service that is based in the same country as your company.

The greatest edge a local call center would have over foreign-based services is the familiarity these agents have with the culture of the country. A UNLV study on multi-cultural customer satisfaction on hotels present how different cultures have equally different sets of values and priorities.

The idea is highly applicable to a service-oriented industry like call centers. Local call centers will know more about a local industry than a foreign-based agent would. These local agents can engage customers in more off-script conversations and provide much better overall service.

Businesses can gain a lot by subscribing to a local call center for their outsourcing needs. Interested companies can contact services like TeleDirect to learn more.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Outsourcing Customer Service May be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish, Forbes, December 5, 2012)


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