Assembling a Custom Call Center Script

When you’re a customer contacting a vendor for services and other inquiries, you may be treated to a voice on the other end saying something to the effect of “Thank you for calling X Inc, how may I help you?” and the agent introducing himself. It may all seem practiced despite the warm candor in the agent’s voice; but chances are, they’re reading lines from a script. However, it serves to help trigger the call proper. If your business is tapping a call center to handle phone transactions, there are pointers to consider to make sure the customer will stay on the line longer.

One of the key elements in forming a good script is to use simple words in a number of key sections. However, take care not to overdo them because the script may be passed off as making the customer naive. Greetings are all but second nature to the call but can add a friendly impression to the customer. If the business is in another part of the world, learning the local time will be essential in the greeting.

Customers will appreciate the company’s dedication in handling their concerns if the agent is friendly and direct. A little finesse on the agent’s part, though, is needed in asking if the customer has any other concerns before closing it with a thank-you message.


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