Why Positivity Matters in the Call Center Setting

The customer service business is all about keeping customers loyal and satisfied by making sure they get satisfactory resolutions to their respective concerns. Much of the success of any customer service department hinges on the personalities of the individual front liners or customer agents, which is why it is crucial to hire people with the right skill and attitude for the job. In a business where one has to deal with all sorts of customers across various touch points (i.e. voice, chat, email, fax, etc.), an agent with a naturally positive attitude, a friendly demeanor, and aptitude for the job will undoubtedly find it easier to succeed.

A positive personality is obviously a plus in any workplace setting, but this attribute is perhaps what can enable agents to make it through the work day with a pleasant disposition, even when faced with a series of difficult calls. Positivity matters as a customer service representative because it’s something that can come across through phone lines. If the person on the other end of the line detects hostility, then the odds of a successful interaction with the customer become very slim.

A positive attitude can also keep agents focused on delivering quality service despite added pressure due to quotas, average handling time (i.e. the time it takes to resolve each call), and other service level agreements. This attribute, along with the necessary training and coaching, can drive excellence in any call center setting.


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